More good news

Good news

WHILE WE’RE ON THE TOPIC of good news, check out this article from Fine Gardening magazine. Here we have a well-known garden writer, writing in a mainstream gardening magazine, advising readers to stop tilling their soil!

Mind you, natural landscapers have known everything in this article for a decade or more. In fact, I confess that a small part of me is miffed when mainstream writers suddenly “discover” practices we’ve been using for ages, and don’t mention that these ideas are not new.

Still, I try not to give in to that tiny, mean-spirited part of this complete personality, and instead take joy in realizing that these practices are … can it be? … is it possible? … actually starting to be looked upon as … acceptable? Even desirable?

Articles such as this one, and other good news, give me reason to hope that this may actually be the case.


Christine said...

Hooray! Good news, indeed. Now if they only start talking on sheet-mulching so I don't get so many wierd looks when I'm native-izing a lawn!

Wild Flora said...

I don't know what I'll do if I stop getting weird looks. I'll probably think I've become invisible!