Native Wildflowers That Attract Pollinators

Native Pollinator Plants
HERE'S AN OFFERING that will, I hope, set to rest any doubts about whether native plants can be as beautiful as any non-native gardening favorites. (Click on the photo to be taken to a web album. If you're using tabbed browsing, hold down the Ctrl key to load the album on a different tab.) True, natives may be less showy than some of the hybrids and cultivars found in garden centers, but it doesn't take much effort to learn to appreciate their slightly more subtle charms.

This gallery focuses on plants that are native to the West, where I lived from 1993 to 2002. But if you don't live in the West, I think you may still find the gallery interesting. Several of the plants are native to much of North America, and several are representatives of species that are found almost everywhere. In addition, I've included captions discussing the characteristics of these plants that are attractive to specific types of pollinators.

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