Meet the Natives: More on Solomon's Seal

WHEN I WROTE ABOUT SOLOMON'S SEAL a week ago, I didn't have a good photo of the one that is growing in a pot on my deck. The photo above is a closeup of the Dodecatheon meadia, aka shooting star, that I planted in the pot with it, with the flowers of the Solomon's seal behind. The stems of the Solomon's seal arch over the much smaller shooting star, making a charming combination. It was a lucky coincidence that they both bloomed at the same time; I think the flowers (both pendulous, both white, but with a completely different shape) make an interesting contrast.

The photo at left gives a more recent view of the way this plant has grown in a short time. This photo was taken in the last few days (mid June). For comparison, see the photo below it, taken on May 20, less than a month ago. Another Solomon's seal from the same source, planted at the same time but in part shade and less rich soil, has reached only half the size this one has.

That isn't to say that the smaller plant isn't attractive, however. The photo below shows the one that was planted in part shade. I love the way the sun hitting the flowers from the side makes them appear to glow.

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