Good news

A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO, I blogged about the depressing case of Deborah Dale, a past president of the North American Native Plant Society whose Toronto garden was destroyed by over-zealous officials who did not understand or appreciate her natural landscaping.

So imagine my joy upon checking the NAPS website this morning, to discover that a couple in Ottawa just won a battle to preserve their own half-acre meadow of pollinator-friendly plants! On July 25, 2009, the Ottawa Citizen reported that the city of Ottawa had rescinded a bylaw that would have forbidden Hank and Vera Jones from retaining their environmentally friendly, wildlife-friendly plantings.

Equally encouraging is the amount of public support the Joneses received: They received legal advice and representation from the Ecojustice Environmental Law Clinic at the University of Ottawa; the Ottawa Citizen published an excellent editorial and an equally excellent opinion piece supporting their cause; the Green Party wrote a letter of support; and the Citizen also published several letters to the editor supporting their cause. For a cheer-making experience, I highly recommend reading some of the articles, letters, and editorials the Citizen has published:

Farewell to the lawn (opinion piece)


Town Mouse said...

Law or no law, I'm just glad my neighbors are fairly tolerant. And that the tide seems to be turning toward a little more common sense.

Wild Flora said...

Neighbors are absolutely key. In every case I can think of, the problems started because a neighbor made a complaint. I assume this is because the enforcement people are too busy to worry about gardens that the neighbors don't mind.

You're lucky to have tolerant neighbors. I'm guessing that you've probably talked to them and explained what you're doing -- that often seems to be a big help.