Winter Solstice Greetings

Greetings to all on Winter Solstice, 2008. For some information on Solstice and some thoughts on its meaning, please see my new blog, "Wild Flora's Wild Ramblings."

Drawing courtesy of Dover Publications.


Karen said...

Happy Belated Solstice to you as well! First time here, love the cheery marigold orange background! And I think it's great for you to post however often you like, not on anyone else's schedule. I follow Philip Bewley's blog, do you read it? He posts not all that frequently but I anticipate and savor every word. Sometimes good things are worth the wait. :) Can't tell from your "About" if you are still in Seattle - it says you are currently in the Northeast. If you are still in the NW, I am gauging interest for a Seattle-area garden blogger's meet-up. If you think that would be of interest, I invite you to visit my blog and comment about your availability. Thanks and Happy New Year! - Karen

Karen said...

Hi again Flora. Thanks for your nice comment back on my blog. Sorry we will miss you at the Seattle meet-up - did you know your "map pin" and other location listings on Blotanical still day Redmond?