Who Doesn't Love a NestCam?

THANKS TO A BLOG charmingly called Visualize Whirled Peas, I just learned that the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology is offering The Birdhouse Network, a website wherein citizen scientists are displaying live webcam feeds from bird nests, most of them coming from inside nestboxes. They currently are showing feeds from 11 nests, including barn owls, an osprey, Eastern bluebirds, and an industrious wood duck who has laid nine eggs so far. Given how many of us avidly followed the nestcam that tracked the efforts of a pair of nesting bald eagles last year, I'm sure this site will be a hit.

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jodi said...

Oh MY, Flora...thank you for posting that website info. I just sat in bemused amazement watching the owlets stumbling around their nest. wonderful.

Feeling okay but still a bit feverish--well enough to go out and grub in the soil, though. Going back to the ship in the next day or two for two assignments, so lots happening.

I dug some Polygonatum tonight for you, which I hope to get up in the next week or so. I'll keep them in the shade to keep them from leaping too far ahead. I'll try to get red trilliums too, down on the clearcut; we've successfully rescued a number, which have settled in well and are multiplying now quite happily.