The Six Word Memoir Meme

SO PINE NUT TAGGED ME WITH A MEME. An interesting one, too. I like haiku; the "six-word memoir" seems to be similar, an attempt to capture a moment in just a few words.

This meme requests that you write a six-word memoir "of your inner birder." At first I was ready to settle for something wordless yet charged with symbolism, like the clip art above, which I purchased many years ago from an outfit called ArtParts.

I still like this idea, but then I started thinking that I don't really consider myself a birder. I mostly enjoy so-called backyard birds myself. I like to feed birds; in fact, I like to feed most things. My first reaction, on seeing almost anything, is to wonder what it would like to eat. And then of course, because I wasn't looking for it, my six-word memoir popped into my head.

Which I think is how haiku and their friends are supposed to work. So here it is:

Hello there. What do you eat?

If you'd like to participate in this meme, consider yourself tagged. Here's Pinenut's original post.


pinenut said...

Hey Wild Flora,

I love your memoir--reminds me of the wide mouth frog story. The clip art is charming. And my favorite part is inviting anyone who want to play to join in.

I'm not a birder, either, but there's one inside me somewhere, alongside lots of other enthusiasts who must jostle for shares of my time.

Wild Flora said...

Yes, it does tend to get awfully crowded inside the psyche, doesn't it? Come to think of it, my psyche closely resembles my garden shed. But that's a theme for another meme. Meanwhile, I had to look up the wide mouth frog story because if I ever knew that that is the memory is long gone now. I found one version here:

Naturalist that I am, however, I can't help wondering whether that is the original ending.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Your haiku is perfect. This morning, despite the expected snow today, I noticed for the first time the robins' and sparrows' songs -- nothing puts more "spring" in my morning than waking to that wonderful chorus. :)

Sherry at the Zoo said...

I like it. Pretty creative, yet simple and sweet.

St├ęphan D said...


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Mary Witzl said...

What a lovely blog!

I came here to read about common milkweed and ended up spending far too long just admiring your photographs and reading about bird friendly gardens.

I'll be back.

jodi said...

As always, clever and fun, my friend. Especially as I watch the birds outside doing petit-point on the snow underneath my feeders.