My Favorite Bloggers' Favorite Blogs

NOW THAT I'VE LISTED my own favorite blogs, a comment left by "PCrucifer," a newbie blogger over at Peepers Pondering , got me interested in what these bloggers are reading. PCrucifer, for example, recommends the following links that I also thought were pretty cool:
And what about the ever-thoughtful and ever-reliable Julie Dunlop, over at Pines Above Snow? Here's another vote for Monarch's Nature Blog. Also:
  • A DC Birding Blog seems have a lot of good information about birds, and not just in DC.
  • Julie Zickefoose writes about trying to live the good life on 80 acres of Appalachian woodland.
  • The Blog of Henry David Thoreau features the Best Blogger Ever, only of course they didn't have blogs when he was around. If you're familiar only with Walden, this is a great way to read Thoreau's journals.
From Bug Girl's Blog, we get:
Bug Girl also gives us (none too surprisingly) these fascinating insect-related blogs:
Incidentally, I'm not passing on every blog recommended by my recommended bloggers. If a quick check of recent posts revealed that the blog hadn't been updated in at least a couple of months, it doesn't make the cut. I also eliminate blogs that seemed to be more than 50% about topics other than nature or either wildlife-friendly or natural gardening. And finally, I'm not including a blog unless something in it caught my interest.

More tomorrow, if the storm that's coming our way doesn't blot out the satellite dish.


Karen Dowell said...

Greetings from not so sunny Herefordshire. It sounds like you live in an absolutely amazing setting - what a privilege. I am really pleased to hear that you like what Wiggly Wigglers are doing.

Kind regards.


ps You are going to get me shot as I'm not the boss (LOL)!!!! Or have I been promoted and Heather (the real boss) has forgotten to tell me?

Wild Flora said...

Hi Karen and sorry for the overpromotion! I've corrected the post now.

I do enjoy the Wiggly Wigglers site. Makes me wish (not for the first time) that I lived in England.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the new places to look and read!