Just for Fun

IT'S ONE OF THOSE DAVID AND GOLIATH STORIES. A small company called TerraCycle, which markets worm castings (in other words, worm poop) in recycled plastic bottles, has been sued by Scotts, makers of Miracle-Gro, on the truly bizarre grounds that TerraCycle's product looks too much like Miracle-Gro. Apparently Scotts is also annoyed because TerraCycle claims that its product works better than "a leading synthetic plant food."

The fun part of this story is that TerraCycle has fought back by creating a funny website called SuedbyScotts.com. Read it and laugh. Then if you feel like it, make a donation or write a letter in support of TerraCycle.

By the way, according to the folks at the environmental newsletter Grist, which is where I learned about this story, TerraCycle is getting lots of good free publicity thanks to Scotts's move--which is probably going to go down in the gardening record books as one of the all-time great what where they thinking? moments. With any luck, TerraCycle will soon be able to report profits that are better than the "not yet" currently stated at their website.

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